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What vlogging camera does Casey Neistat use?

As one of YouTube's original vloggers, Casey Neistat as also seen creative technology evolve over the last decade, so what cameras is he currently using?

casey neistat cameras

To say that Casey Neistat is an OG when it comes to vlogging would still somehow be an understatement. Having taken YouTube by storm in the early 2010’s, he has amassed over 12.5m subscribers on his primary channel.

While vlogging as a hobby has seen some rough moments recently, the post pandemic boom within the scene has completely revitalized peoples desires to experience life through another persons eyes. Whether it’s worldwide travel or days out around New York, Casey Neistat has a wide variety of top cameras and gear to capture his footage on. Here’s what we know.

casey neistat closeup

Who is Casey Neistat?

Casey Neistat is an American vlogger who started on YouTube back in 2010, although he was creating video content long before this and even the creation of YouTube itself. He initially gained popularity through content such as iPod’s Dirty Little Secret which he discovered that Apple charged over $250 to refurb the original iPod due to it’s irreplaceable battery.

He started vlogging every day in 2015 and this lasted for 300 days before he took a break, he would continue vlogging into 2023 but his releases are typically monthly now.

What cameras does Casey Neistat use?

Casey Neistat uses a pretty eclectic range of cameras to aid his incredible creativity. All of the following cameras have been verified either through being seen in a video or acknowledged by the man himself. We’re also going to try and keep it to recent gear rather than his entire history of cameras.

Casey Neistat Camera - the Sony a6500

Sony a6500 + lenses

Seen very recently in a video, the Sony a6500 appears to be one of Casey Neistat’s go-to cameras for versatility. It may not shine above specialty cameras in their element, but it can clearly do a little bit of everything well enough for him.

As for the lens he uses, one is the Sony Full Framer E-Mount SEL2860, which is the world’s smallest and lightest full frame standard zoom lens. This is largely used on the go and not for stationary shots.

When it comes to getting the best quality possible, Neistat uses the Sony FE 12-24mm wide angle zoom lens. You’ll see this lens attached in many stationary shots within his office.

Casey Neistat Cameras - The DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Yes, Casey Neistat uses drones. For some of his incredible airborne sweeping shots of New York, a drone is the only way to go, and it should come as no surprise that he uses a drone widely-considered the best consumer-grade product on the market.

Casey’s creativity is unreal, as we’ve already mentioned, so having a drone really helps unlock the full potential in his videos. A simple but effective shot using the drone can be seen in his Insta360 Flow brand deal video. However, DJI have now moved onto their Mavic 3 Pro line.

GoPro Hero 9

Use in many underwater or adventure-type shots, Casey uses the GoPro Hero 9. Again this is top of the range gear at the time of release and will really have helped Casey’s content keep up with his ideas.

GoPro have since moved onto the Hero 11 camera which does offer a lot more but we’re yet to get confirmation that Casey has upgraded to this camera. Given that MrBeast also appears stuck on the Hero 9, perhaps it speaks for it’s efficiency as a vlogging tool!

Other gear/accessories

Casey Neistat Cameras - the Insta360 Flow smartphone stabilizer

Insta360 Flow

While this was used heavily as part of a brand deal video we mentioned earlier, it appears as though Casey has used it in videos since then so it could be that the Insta360 Flow is now just part of his inventory.

As an AI-powered smartphone stabilizer, the Insta360 Flow allows you to maximize the quality of video capture from your smartphone by taking away the one variable that could ruin it… you.

That’s all the cameras and gear we have confirmed for Casey Neistat right now! If you’re keen to see what other popular vloggers are using, you can check out our guides for MKBHD, Emma Chamberlain, and Tomska!