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What vlogging camera does MKBHD use?

One of the biggest tech YouTubers on the planet, MKBHD, is frequently surrounded by the latest and greatest vlogging cameras, but which ones does he use?

MKBHD Vlogging Camera

It’s hard to mention tech vlogging without bringing up MKBHD, one of the quintessential YouTuber personalities for anyone who wants to know anything about the latest smartphones, cameras, tablets, and much more. When your job revolves around tech like MKBHD, what kind of camera does decide to capture his content with?

Luckily, MKBHD has never shied away from letting his subscribers know what tech he is actively using. When looking at a studio tour and his 2023 gear update video, we’re able to see what cameras he’s currently using!

Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5

Up first is a popular choice that both MKBHD and his cinematographer Miles carrying the Canon EOS R5. An extremely reliable hybrid camera, the decision to go with it is probably best summarized by Miles who stated it was the best ‘bang for your buck’ option.

It’s no great surprise to see Canon once again prominent on one of these lists, as it was with MrBeast, but it is a slightly different model compared to some of the other content creators we’ve taken a look at.

opal c1 webcam



Opal C1 Webcam

While MKBHD won’t necessarily capture video footage on a webcam, it’s great insight to see that he’s using the Opal C1 Webcam. This product is not currently available at retail anywhere other than direct from the Opal website.

Advertised as the first professional webcam, it offers DSLR quality and microphone capable what Opal refers to as ‘noise awareness’. It’s a product that is well ahead of the market which might be why it’s not quite widely available just yet.

Red Monstro 8K

Red Monstro 8K

Unless you’re a professional cinematographer, don’t even bother looking towards the Red Monstro 8K as a realistic vlogging camera. For the same price as a decent used car, you could get this cinema grade camera that offers unparalleled control over your footage.

$15,000 for the Red Monstro 8K might not seem like a lot to a Hollywood production, but for vlogging needs, there are of course far better options available. You can’t deny how good MKBHD videos looks though, right?

You can check out the MKBHD studio tour in the video below!

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