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Best laptop bags 2023

Protecting your laptop on the go is crucial so we're bringing you the best laptop bags, sleeves and backpacks on the market to help keep your devices safe.

best laptop bags

It’s important to look after your technology which is why we’ve put together this list of the best laptop bags to protect your prized possessions! Taking your laptop with you to work, school, or just about anywhere will require you to shield it from the big bad world. Thankfully, laptop bags are far more stylish than they once were and we here at Gear Nuke will be taking you through the best ones to suit your needs.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to pay money for the best laptop then go cheap on the security, so we’ll factor a few different things into each selection. We will look at size, security, additional storage, style, and any additional perks that each laptop bag might offer. We’re going to take a look at one bag from each of the four main styles on offer, and by the time you’re done here, you will hopefully have found the best laptop bag for you based on our recommendation.

Here are the best laptop bags available today:

  • Matein Travel Laptop Backpack – the best laptop backpack
  • Voova Laptop Sleeve – the best laptop sleeve/protector
  • Bagsmart Briefcase Laptop Bag – best shoulder laptop bag
  • Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag – the best laptop tote bag

best travel bags - an image of the matein travel laptop backpack in grey

1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is the absolute best product we can find that will fit all laptops up to 17.3” while also gracing you with tons of additional storage for accessories and anything else you might need on the go.

Naturally, shoulder bags are what comes to mind when many people think of laptop bags but you can’t go wrong with a solid backpack. It is advertised as being anti-theft but we feel the need to specify that there is only a single anti-theft pocket on the backpack and the rest is standard zippers. That being said, you could still use your own mini padlocks if you’re worried about people getting into your bags on public transport.

There are a number of color options to choose from with our personal favorites being the Galaxy Blue or Yellow, both of which will certainly make a statement but might not be to everyone’s taste!

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack also has a plethora of additional features for us to shout about including a built-in charger which allows you to hook a power bank up to an external socket that can then be used with any USB cable to charge your phone. In the storage section of the bag, there is a separate compartment for your laptop which also features a comfy sport for your tablet too. In the main compartment, there is plenty of space for chargers, notebooks and other items while in the front compartment there is specific smartphone or even external hard drive storage on offer. 

The sheer volume of space on offer means you could probably get away with using this bag for overnight trips with ease. A breathable material is used throughout the bag to ensure that you and your valuables aren’t at risk of overheating which is always a bonus. If a backpack is your preference over the traditional shoulder bag, then we can’t recommend the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack enough!

best laptop bags - an image of the voova laptop sleeve in slate grey with a phone peering out of the front storage pocket

2. Voova Laptop Sleeve

Sometimes you just need something basic to get the job done, enter the Voova Laptop Sleeve. As you’ve already discerned from the name, this isn’t a full blown storage option like the Matein backpack, instead, you have padded protection for your laptop or tablet, two zipper pockets for minimum storage and a handle to carry it with. The Voova Laptop Sleeve comes in three sizes, with the smallest holding 11″ devices and the largest holding up to 16″.

Despite the simplicity of the product, that doesn’t mean that the Voova Laptop Sleeve is in any way poorly put together, quite the opposite in fact. The Voova Laptop Sleeve is water-resistant meaning any accidental spills around your laptop or tablet won’t result in damage. This laptop bag is also drop-resistant to an extent as there is a soft flannel lining on the inside supported by two shock resistance layers underneath. These aim to protect your laptop or tablet from sustaining any damage including short distance drops. Finally, reinforced zippers ensure that damage is hard to come by should the sleeve come under stress but that doesn’t mean you can try cramming a laptop that is too big into the bag!

On the design front, there are multiple colors available, none of which are too extravagant but add a nice touch to the look of the sleeve. The two storage pockets are convenient but can’t be called upon hold too much cargo. A small charger, a phone and some stationary is probably as far as you will get. This is what separates this laptop sleeve from the other laptop bags on this list, it’s intended more for use over short distances rather than as a heavy duty portability solution. The Voova Laptop Sleeve is even designed to fit into a larger laptop bag like the Matein for long-distance transport.

best laptop bags - the bagsmart briefcase laptop bag

3. Bagsmart Briefcase Laptop Bag

In a complete U-turn from the Voova sleeve, the Bagsmart Briefcase Laptop Bag is a behemoth that is well and truly built for business travel. With a more traditional shoulder strap that you might expect from laptop bags, the Bagsmart Briefcase bag goes above and beyond to still ensure comfort is at the forefront.

The biggest feature that this laptop bag offers is expandable storage, meaning that if you’re not using the full capacity of the bag, you can effectively shrink it down so that it takes up less space. There is only one size available that fits up to 17.3” laptops or tablets, meaning anything smaller like a Chromebook also fits in easily. Water and drop-resistance are also included as you might expect from a product of this size. 

An ergonomic shoulder pad is designed to make traveling as comfortable as possible but it can’t be ignored that, when full, it could still be quite a difficult product to travel with if you are relying just on the shoulder support. Bagsmart does offer luggage straps so that you can take the stress off your shoulder if you happen to have a suitcase nearby.

Understandably, the sheer size of the Bagsmart Briefcase Laptop Bag might turn a lot of people away, but it’s a purpose built laptop bag that isn’t aiming to be the most pleasing on the eye, but instead offer the most value in terms of storage and safety for your devices.

best laptop bags - an image of the mosiso laptop tote bag in grey

4. Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag

This might surprise you, but the tote bag design is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the crossover usefulness that allows it to operate as a general use bag also. The Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag is our top choice if you’re looking for something that follows this handbag convention. This is largely down to its stylish design, range of color options and the discreet USB charging port that it offers. The charging point works like any other in that you’ll need to connect a power bank on the inside of the bag to the port, then you can freely use the port to power an USB device.

A matching purse is also thrown in for no additional charge but it feels a little bit like a simple gimmick freebie that many won’t even look twice at. With Mosiso following the tote bag conventions here, that does mean that security is lacking here compared to the other options we’ve presented. The bag will zip up but that’s where the security starts and finishes. There is no way to secure it via a padlock meaning there’s nothing to prevent someone from getting to your valuables should they somehow come in possession of your laptop bag. 

Water repellent material is used for the fabric which is a nice touch that certainly wins back some of the credit from the lack of security. Three storage compartments in total also results in plenty of space for daily or travel essentials on top of your laptop, of which it can fit up to a 17.3” device which means it can even discreetly contain your huge gaming laptop when called upon! The handle isn’t adjustable, and would probably look quite clunky if it was, so it’s great to see that it’s a decent length to allow for overarm or shoulder carrying.