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GoPro or Handycam - which is best for vlogging?

Vlogging on the move can be difficult, but you're likely going to have to choose between a handycam and a GoPro, but which should you choose.

gopro vs handycam - which is best for vlogging

Capturing a quality vlogging video is hard at the best of times, but trying to do it on the move can feel truly impossible. One way to negate the difficulties of shooting high-intensity footage is to shrink the size of the camera that you’re using, this leaves you with two main options; a GoPro or a handycam.

Naturally, certain sacrifices are made compared to a more traditional vlogging camera like the Canon PowerShot GX 7 Mark III. Both the GoPro and handycams are designed in a way that makes them far more portable and capable of shooting footage on the move. But if you need to capture footage on the move, which is going to help you produce the best end product?

gopro hero11

Should you buy a GoPro?

GoPro is a brand that has transcended to become bigger than the product it makes. Much like how Jacuzzi became the go-to term for hot tubs, but the camera equivalent. Synonymous with capturing high-intensity footage such as extreme stunts from a POV perspective, the GoPro has since moved into becoming a well respected vlogging camera brand, even if you aren’t going cliff diving.

The Hero range of cameras are used for all forms of footage capture now with the Hero11 being capable of both 4K/120fps or 5K/60fps. Throw in a ton of useful features like being waterproof up to 33ft and a cold weather endurance battery and it’s easy to see how GoPro became such a huge name used by names like MrBeast.

sony handycam

Should you buy a handycam?

The humble handycam has been around a lot longer than GoPro, you probably had a family vacation captured on one of these, although it was likely a lot larger than the slicker, modern hanycams of today.

Handycams offer a ton of control over your video capture in an intuitively designed shell, that’s meant to be used on the move or can be attached to a stationary tripod. Many popular vloggers, including Emma Chamberlain, still use handycams as their part of their primary camera setup due to how easy they are to get started with and the fact the quality they are capable of isn’t too far from high end mirrorless or DSLR options.

Which should you choose?

As it often does when comparing two products like this, it really comes down to your personal needs and budget. There are a ton of older handycams and GoPros available on the secondary market meaning that whatever you’re looking to spend, there is probably a camera out there to meet your budget.

If you’re only looking for new and the highest quality for the lowest price, a GoPro might be the best option with the latest product, the Hero11, costing just $399.99 compared to a high-end handycam setting you back at least $1,000.

As for needs, there is a clear reason why the GoPro took off with the audience it did. Being able to effortlessly capture POV footage, create highlights automatically and survive harsh considerations, it was made to be tested in extreme situations.

If all you’re looking to do is capture daily life, or special events for content creation, you’re likely better off with a handycam that offers far more creative control over your footage.