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What vlogging cameras does Emma Chamberlain use?

Emma Chamberlain is a big name at the top of many peoples favorite vloggers lists, but what cameras is she using to shoot her content.

Emma Chamberlain Vlogging cameras

As one of the most popular vloggers in the world today, Emma Chamberlain has built up a following of over 12 million subscribers on YouTube alone. A key factor in creating engaging and enjoyable content is the video quality itself, this leaves us wondering which vlogging camera Emma Chamberlain actually uses.

We’ve managed to match up and identify some of the cameras seen during her vlog videos but it’s worth noting that Emma Chamberlain is a Canon partner, meaning any non-Canon camera that she uses might be stripped on its branding in videos.

Canon EOS M50 Mark II vlogging camera

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

As we’ve already mentioned, Emma Chamberlain is a Canon partner, so it’s no surprise to see her primary camera be the Canon EOS M50 Mark II.

Control is key with the EOS M50 Mark II and you’re only limited by your own creativity. This vlogging camera offers a few configurations at the point of purchase that will change the price you pay, but even with the body alone, you’re getting a camera that is easily considered one of the best on the market.

Sony CX405 Handycam

Sony CX405 Handycam

This Sony CX405 Handycam will be familiar to many fans of Emma Chamberlain as it’s been seen in multiple videos and Instagram posts over time.

A surprisingly affordable and portable vlogging camera, the Sony CX405 is great for quick, on the go recording in high quality. Most vloggers seem to have some form of handycam in their repertoires, including MrBeast, so it’s no great surprise to see Emma Chamberlain use one too, even if it’s not seen too often anymore.