What vlogging cameras does MrBeast use?

MrBeast is one of the most famous YouTube personalities there has ever been, but what vlogging cameras has he used to reach this level of success.

what vlogging cameras does MrBeast use

If you have ever ventured onto YouTube or TikTok, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen MrBeast in action. He’s one of the most popular personalities on the platform despite his philanthropic work causing a bit of a divide in opinions. But what vlogging cameras does he use to capture his hugely engaging content?

It’s clear upon watching any MrBeast video that it’s not traditional vlogging in the sense of having one camera document someones daily life. Instead, he appears to have a crew using multiple camera types. So here’s every camera that we believe MrBeast uses for his vlogging content!

Please note that this list could change at any time and we will endeavor to update it should we see or confirm different equipment being used in MrBeast videos.

Canon PowerShot GX 7 Mark II

Canon PowerShot GX 7 Mark II

Similar to the camera currently used by TomSka, the Canon GX 7 Mark II is just one model down but still a more than capable vlogging camera for content creation. There will be a few limitations due to the age of the camera but it’s a great option if you’re jut getting started with vlogging.

The biggest limitation we see between the Mark II and Mark III models is the articulation of the LCD screen which is far more efficient in the Mark III.

Sony AX53 Handycam


Sony AX53 Handycam

We’ve moving up in both quality and price next as another vlogging camera that MrBeast is known to use is the Sony AX53 Handycam. This camera is far better at capturing footage on the move and also comes with a stunning night capture feature.

The cost will challenge you to consider your needs as you could always look towards a more powerful second hand DSLR/Mirrorless option instead.

GoPro Hero7

GoPro Hero9

GoPro is still considered one of the best brands for hectic video capture and MrBeast turns to the GoPro Hero9 cameras quite often.

They offer unrivaled quality for high-intensity video capture that goes further than any handycams but having to make certain sacrifices for size. That being said, they are still capable of 4K/60 fps so in reality they’re not as far apart from more expensive cameras as they may seem initially.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Now for the camera that undoubtedly offered the highest quality and experience overall when it was first released, but at the highest cost also. You may struggle to find the Canon EOD-1D X Mark II brand new from most retailers but we tracked down some limited listings on Amazon.

At release, it cost $5,999 but it’s hard to deny that technology has moved on quite a bit since 2016. We imagine there could be an upgrade due soon but MrBeast will be waiting for the right time.