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What vlogging camera does TomSka use?

It's great to know the vlogging equipment content creators use, so let's take a look at which camera YouTuber TomSka is currently using.

canon gx 7 mark III

TomSka has been in the vlogging game for quite some time now with his Last Week series starting back in April 2015. This then became Last Month, a longer form video series that is still active today.

It’s safe to assume that the camera TomSka used all the way back in 2015 is probably lost to time as a relic of the past, but we’re more interested in what vlogging camera TomSka is currently using!

canon gx 7 mark III

At present, we believe TomSka is using the Canon G7 X Mark III. This is based on the camera appearing in one of his most recent Last Month videos from May 2023.

In a world where the age old battle of Canon vs Nikon isn’t quite as prevalent as it once was, both brands still hold a huge stake in the vlogging camera market.

The Canon GX 7 Mark III currently retails for $749.99 which is quite a good price considering the quality of the camera and features such as native 4K recording at 30 fps or full HD at 120 fps.

We must note that while we’ve been able to match this camera as close as possible to one seen in a recent vlog, there is every chance that TomSka may use different cameras depending on the situation or conditions. It’s common for vloggers to use one camera for shots indoors and another when they are on the move.

It’s also worth highlighting that while there is a built-in microphone on the Canon GX 7, for top class audio, you would need to record any sound separately through the use of an external 3.5 mm microphone.

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