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MacBook sales continue to slump in latest Apple report

We know that the MacBook has been struggling for sales of late, but in the latest Apple earnings report, we can see just how bad things are.

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Apple are getting ready for what is sure to be an exciting WWDC 2023 showcase but the reality is that sales are not looking for MacBooks. Overall, sales are down 31% according to the latest earning report.

The incoming 15-inch MacBook Air and next year’s M3 chip could be a difference maker, but for now, there’s aren’t too many immediate positives to find in this report for MacBooks.

There are, however, some positives within services and the iPhone sector where revenue is up. While it might not be great news for the MacBook, there is quite a simple explanation for the slump and there are brighter time expected soon.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the MacBook sales issues directly and confirmed a lot of what we already knew. Asking the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch M2 models to compete with the sales for the revolutionary M1 models was always going to be a tough sell and has seen interest diminish.

The M2 models are but a minor spec upgrade in comparison so the hype clearly wasn’t there. Also, the ongoing general revenue reduction of the PC and laptop market overall have contributed to this slump.

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While not ideal, it’s hardly news that is going to worry Apple. Knowing that WWDC 2023 is less than a month away should put any worries to bed. A ton of exciting hardware and software is expected to be revealed during the event and this should help rejuvenate the brand with three new MacBooks rumored to be on the way.

Looking further ahead to 2024, we can expect the Apple M3 chip to release alongside new OLED MacBooks and this is where the interest will really skyrocket, provided that the new chip meets expectations.

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