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M3 MacBooks not expected until 2024

We know the Apple M3 chip is on the way, but it now looks to be confirmed that the M3 MacBook laptop won't hit shelves until next year.

The worlds worst kept secret is the Apple M3 chip and the impending implementation across MacBook, Mac, and iPad devices. Despite rumblings that it could launch this year, it now appears that we won’t see any M3 MacBooks hit the market until 2024.

We’re hardly struggling for MacBook models right now and the best MacBook you can buy – the MacBook Air M2 2022, in our opinion – is still and incredible piece of tech, but we really need a break from these constant new releases.

It does appear, according to notable insider @Tech_Reve, that manufacturing issues have been the deciding factor here. Apple will now separate out their product launches but delay all M3 Macs, iPads, and MacBooks until next year.

13-inch macbook air color options

That’s not to say that the three rumored new MacBook releases coming this year are pointless in any way. These will certainly have their audience, but it’s fairly small compared to the appeal of the M3 MacBook.

In the video below, you’ll actually see some great reasoning as to why the Apple M3 chip is so important and even some speculation as to how the M2 ended up being more of a passable upgrade than a revolution.

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We even wrote recently about whether or not anyone should buy a new MacBook in 2023 with possible major tech developments due next year. The M3 chip was part of this, but the introduction of OLED displays was also a contributing factor.

All in all, this delay does leave us wondering how the M3 MacBooks will eventually be perceived and how many people will instead jump on sales for current MacBook laptops to save having to wait another year, especially when Amazon are offering up some amazing deals right now.

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