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Ring light prices – how much should you pay?

It's true that ring lights have become an essential part of modern day content creation, but how much should you be spending on one.

In a world where some of the best ring lights have become an essential item in any household, it can be quite difficult to know exactly what a good ring light price is. Does it fall under the same trap as many electrical items where the more you spend, the higher the risk that the product might not live up to expectations?

Could it be that certain brands have artificially inflated the price of ring lights and instead paved the way for cheaper brands to come and steal the limelight? We’ll fight past these uncertainties and let you know exactly how much you should be paying for a ring light in 2023.

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Ring light prices – too cheap, or too expensive?

If we look at the range of ring light prices on Amazon, for some of the most popular products right now you can expect to spend between $30-$60. This might sound like a steal but many of these products will be what we would class as ‘off-brand’, meaning there will be very little trace of the manufacturer online or they produce and extremely eclectic range of products and just happened to get into the ring light game too.

If we look at some of the bigger brand names in the space like Lume, Elgato, Neewer, and Razer, all of these brands start their ring light prices on a higher scale that can see you spend between $80-$200. Are you automatically getting a better quality ring light for the price? Simply put, yes.

You can’t, however, be expected to pay such a high entry cost if your needs don’t line up with the price.

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How much should you pay for a ring light?

How much you’re willing to spend on a ring light should come down to two simple factors. Is it for professional use as part of your job or a hobby you are passionate about, and how much will you really use it.

In a post-pandemic world where we all have useless technology sitting around the house from failed attempts to learn how to bake, or become the next TikTok superstar should teach us that unless we know we’re going to use the product on a regular basis, we need to scale down what we’re looking to spend.

There are a ton of super reliable ring lights on Amazon that fall under the $60 price point and these should be the ones you’re looking at. When it comes to which one specifically you need, user reviews are always a brilliant way to gauge if a product is the right one for you.

On the other hand, if the ring light will be part of your profession or serious hobby, then you need to be looking towards the big brand names as mentioned above. This is because you’re not only getting a far more reliable product that is backed up by an easy to claim warranty, but because the set of features included with these products and far and away more useful than a cheaper alternative.

A good rule for ring light prices is similar to that with laptops. The more you spend, the more power and features you can expect for your money, and the longer you can expect it to last.

If you need any additional help with ring lights, you can check out our ‘how to set up‘ and ‘are they worth it‘ guides too!