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Neewer Ring Light review

If you’re looking for functionality, style, ease, and even affordability the Neewer 18 inch ring light is the best possible choice.

Neewer 18 inch Ring Light review

Our Verdict


While affordable, the Neewer ring light doesn't fall into the trap of being a cheap product that is light on features. Instead you have a ring light that is surprisingly capable of competing with others that are well-above its own price range and I can't recommend it enough.

I bought my first ring light for $20 before realizing not all ring lights were created equal. The size, number of pieces, and usability all play an important role in the product’s efficiency and content you are creating. That’s why I exchanged my $20 ring light for Amazon’s number one bestseller, the Neewer 18 inch Ring Light.

After testing the Neewer Ring Light out on several, unique occasions, I’m convinced this product is one of the best available for influencers, vloggers and content creators of all kinds.

Let me tell you what makes it so special.

neewer ring light close up


  • Large 18 inch (45 cm) dimmable LED ring light
  • Two separate color filters (white and orange) for different settings
  • Large carry bag with a zipper, handle, and shoulder strap for convenient travel 
  • Strong and sturdy adjustable 61 inch (155 cm) light stand
  • And because this wouldn’t be a proper review without cons, here are a few things that could be better.


  • The phone holder (a spring loaded clip) can be hard to fit larger phones into
  • The plastic color filters are tricky to place correctly

Neewer Ring Light: Design

The Neewer ring light is more durable than some of the ring lights I’ve seen in the past. It has a professional and thoughtful design. 

One thing I have especially enjoyed about this ring light is the ability to adjust the light from facing forward to facing down toward the floor. This is helpful if you want to capture footage of something like your hands typing certain keys on your keyboard. 

You can adjust where the light is pointing using the bendable neck on the stand, or by loosening the plastic circular piece at the base of the light. You also have the ability to adjust the height of the ring light, which is nice for a tall girl like me who is 5’ 11″. The legs too, can remain close together—creating more height—or spread out and sit against the floor.

After only briefly looking at the instructions for how to put the Neewer ring light together, I could easily locate where the different parts and pieces go. The design is extremely intuitive, even for a first time ring light user.

The only step that caused me trouble was trying to place the color filters over the light correctly. There are four pieces to complete the filters, all which have an indent or notch at each end (underneath and on top) to connect with the other pieces.

It took me a few tries to make sure these notches were positioned correctly. However, because each plastic piece snaps on to the light itself, you could get away with not having them in their exact place.

As a freelancer who offers social media management and photography to their clients, I have used my ring light on multiple occasions and needed something that was easy to take from point A to point B.

The carry bag the ring light comes with has been a godsend for this reason. It provides both style and convenience for a relatively large light that contains a few major pieces when taken apart. You can easily store it in narrow spaces, like in between a desk and wall.

neewer ring light box contents

NEEWER Ring Light: Performance 

To give you an idea of the Neewer ring light performance, I took a before and after shot in one of the darkest locations in my home. For reference, I have an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

As you can see from the above images, the Neewer ring light has the ability to remove shadows and brighten a normally dark area. For the practice shot, I used the white color filter and had the dimmer set at 100% brightness. However, some have made comments about the light being too bright and, in that case, others may prefer a lower setting. I’m not bothered by the brightness, even while standing in front of the ring light… and especially after seeing the result of using it!

One of the most common ways I use the ring light is when taking photos with my Canon camera for a vacation rental business. I’ve never liked the look of grainy photos, which is what you get without proper lighting and a high ISO. Shooting with the Neewer ring light behind me allows for bright, crisp, and welcoming photos of each listing.

What I also appreciate about the performance, is how long the power cable is. You can easily move the ring light around the room without having to unplug and re-plug several times. Amazon doesn’t list the exact length of the power cable and power adapter combined, but with a quick measurement they allow for roughly 134 inches (340 cm) of length.

Another item not listed on Amazon is the bluetooth remote that can be paired to your phone for taking photos. The remote has been easy to pair and use with my iPhone, although others have mentioned needing a specific app for certain Android models.

neewer ring light from behind

Should you buy the Neewer ring light?

Given the many benefits of this product, I do recommend the Neewer ring light to those who aren’t bothered by the couple of cons mentioned. For me, the color filters and phone holder are more quirks than they are cons. They don’t impact the quality of content I produce and are easy to work around.

So, if you don’t mind using a little strength to position your phone into the spring loaded holder, or being patient with the plastic color filters, I say go for it. Give it a try and if you don’t like it, send it back. Past buyers have said the Neewer customer service team is amazing and has been quick to refund returns and replace defects.

If you want a product that is budget-friendly and not the least or most expensive, the Neewer ring light is an ideal choice for collecting meaningful content. It truly does eliminate the stress of searching for the perfect location with the perfect lighting.

You can expect to pay $88.99 for the Neewer ring light, unless you catch their 20% off promo, which takes the cost down to $71.99.

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I honestly can’t get enough of my Neewer ring light. Each time I use it, I am grateful—yet again—for its many thoughtful features.

It keeps a tall girl like me on her toes (literally) and hasn’t failed any of the tests I’ve put it through between filming recipes, taking real estate photos, and capturing high-quality portraits and videos on my own. 

My Neewer ring light took me from being an entry level freelancer to an experienced professional who shows up to the job in style. That could be you too.

Whatever you do, just don’t buy a $20 ring light with high expectations or you will be let down. Spend the extra money, get something you truly enjoy, and start creating!