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UBeesize 10-inch Ring Light review (TR50)

The UBeesize 10-inch ring light is one of the most popular on Amazon, so I decided to take a look and see if it's fit for all my vlogging needs.

UBeesize TR50 Ring Light review

Our Verdict


Despite its very reasonable price point, the UBeesize TR50 Ring Light is the ideal companion for all of your selfie needs. Its 33 different light options create the perfect photo or video every single time and its sturdy tripod holds your phone at all the right angles.

When it comes to content creation and taking the perfect self-facing photo or video, a ring light has become a necessity. Why try and find the perfect lighting when you can create it yourself in a matter of seconds? Ring lights are a game changer for taking perfect selfie photos and videos. If you’re looking for an ideal ring light, the UBeesize TR50 is an excellent choice. 

It comes with a ring light, a tripod stand, a phone holder, a Bluetooth remote control and a user manual.The UBeesize TR50 is a 10 inch selfie ring light with a 50 inch extendable and sturdy tripod stand. The attached phone holder sits securely in the center of the ring light for optimal lighting. 

The ring light attaches to the tripod base fairly effortlessly with a small screw mount underneath it. There is a built-in level on the side so you always know your phone’s camera is level. This takes out the guesswork and makes it easier to take professional photos and videos. 

The tripod extends from 15 inches to 50 inches offering a wide range of options and making it suitable for nearly any possible situation. At its widest, the tripod base opens to 30 inches making it an extremely stable base. It can be easily adjusted to the height you need. It’s short enough to stand on a tabletop, but also tall enough to match your height.


  • Bluetooth remote with 30 meter range
  • Three light colors (Warm, Cool White, Daylight) and 11 levels of brightness in each color 
  • Provides 33 different lighting options in total
  • Fully adjustable tripod base from 15 inches to 50 inches
  • Tripod and ring light easily come apart and have their own travel cases
  • Pan handle rotates 360 degrees and adjusts to 180 degrees to easily capture lay-flat photos and videos
  • UBeesize provides a 3-year replacement service for the ring light, tripod stand, and Bluetooth remote 


  • No self-timer
  • Light must be plugged into an outlet 
  • Requires a separate power bank if filming outdoors without electricity
  • Tripod base must be fully extended for lay-flat photos of videos, otherwise it falls over

UBeesize TR50 Ring Light design 

Considering the size of the UBeesize TR50 ring light, it easily breaks down into two small pieces for travel. The tripod is a mere 16.5 inches when folded down, making it easy to transport. Both the ring light with phone mount and the tripod have their own case so the ring light is protected during travel. 

My iPhone easily fits inside the phone attachment and sits securely in place. I never worry that it’s going to fall out as the phone holder ensures a very snug fit. Once you mount the phone holder into the ring light, you don’t need to ever remove it. It will travel as one piece.

The only thing you need to be concerned about if you have an iPhone is that you don’t accidentally squeeze the side buttons inside the holder as this will automatically dial 911. I made this mistake once so please express caution. Ensure that you’re placing your phone in the mount below your phone’s side buttons. 

Once your phone is securely in the mount, the pan handle rotates a full 360 degrees so you can set it up and swivel it around as needed without needing to move the tripod base. 

UBeesize TR50 ring light lay flat setting

UBeesize TR50 Ring Light performance 

I’ve had my UBeesize TR50 Ring Light for two and a half years and I still love it. I use it frequently to capture both photos and videos for my content creation. With its 33 different lighting options, there is always one that works well, no matter what the lighting conditions are around me. 

The adjustable tripod base is both functional and sturdy. I have yet to have it fall over on me, which is amazing considering the variety of conditions under which I have used it, both indoors and outside. 

When I’m filming myself sitting at my desk, I lower it slightly and it’s perfectly placed to capture me in a seated position. Should you wish to use it on your desk, you could easily lower it to the shortest setting and that would also work well. Adjusting it is quick and easy and takes no time at all. 

I like that I don’t have to attach it to my MacBook Pro as you do with some other ring lights. Call me crazy, but I’d rather not attach anything to my MacBook Pro if I don’t have to.

I have had to tape the plastic light cover back on, but other than that, it’s in great condition. I could make use of the 3-year warranty to replace the ring light, but with some clear plastic tape it’s just fine so I can’t be bothered. 

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Should you buy the UBeesize TR50 Ring Light? 

If you are looking for a ring light with a tripod that will improve your photos and videos, you should absolutely buy the UBeesize 10 inch TR50 Ring Light. There is no comparison between videos shot while I’m holding my phone to those filmed while my phone is securely set inside this ring light with optimal lighting. 

Whether you want professional quality videos for your social media, or you simply want to look better when you FaceTime friends and family, this is a great ring light. 

For approximately $45 on Amazon, it’s great value for your money. After two and a half years, it’s still going strong and I don’t see a need to replace it. 


I absolutely love my UBeesize 10 inch TR50 Ring Light and recommend it to anyone looking for a solid ring light to improve their photography or videography.

Its tripod is well-built and sturdy so you never have to worry about it falling over and your phone getting broken. At this price point, it’s the best ring light out there. You’ll have it for years to come.