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New 15-inch Apple MacBook Air leaks are quite the disappointment

There was hope that the 1-inch MacBook Air would signal another leap forward for the integral Apple laptop, but new leaks suggest otherwise.

15-inch macbook chip news

Rumors of the new 15-inch MacBook Air are in overdrive as all signs suggest that Apple is set to officially reveal them very soon. As you may image, hype has been swelling and some have let the thrill of anticipation get the best of them with suggestions that a new and improved M2 chip would power the laptop. New leaks now suggest that the 15-inch MacBook Air is going to leave a lot of those people disappointed.

We’ve covered a few of the previous leak that have revealed that Apple is going to place a considerable emphasis on MacBooks during WWDC 2023, with three new MacBooks set to be unveiled.

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It feels like just yesterday that we had rumors of a new and improved chip being put into this new MacBook. However, the latest information, courtesy of Alex Alderson on NotebookCheck, now strongly implies that the 15-inch MacBook Air will only offer the same two CPU options as the existing 13-inch variant. The info itself comes via analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who – in the same tweet – also predicts that the M3 chip production will begin in the second half of 2023.

It was always assumed that this MacBook would arrive too early to be included on the first run of Apple M3 chips, but to not even have a refined or boosted M2 option available, or even the M2 pro, says a lot about where the MacBook market is right now.

Despite the disappointing news surrounding the 15-inch MacBook Air’s chip, it is still expected to ship in excess of 5 million units in 2023. For more on why Apple can still expect success with the 15-inch MacBook Air, see the video below.

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Our big question is whether or not, when the Apple M3 chip is introduced, will this 15-inch MacBook Air receive a true refresh like the 13-inch model is expected to receive? This feels very up in the air right now given how many new MacBook products are being released but you would have to expect most eligible devices to be refreshed once the M3 is out. For now, if you want to best MacBook on the market, you’re still relying on M2 technology.

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