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Popular YouTube star bought every MacBook ever

If you want to know how much every MacBook ever would cost to collect, Mrwhosetheboss decided to find out, and it's less than you might think.


Want to know what the best MacBook ever is? We reckon popular YouTuber Arun ‘Mrwhosetheboss’ Maini could probably tell us as he recently purchased every MacBook ever for a recent video and even revealed how much the endeavor cost him.

It all goes back to the Portable Mac in 1989, which was never intended to be an early concept for the modern MacBook, but instead was a PC you could take on the go, kinda.

More remarkable than the fact this tech was still working, is the price that it would cost today, adjusted for inflation, which was $18,000! And you thought the MacBook Pro M2 Max was bad…

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Up next was the 1991 range of PowerBook laptops which were far more intelligently designed with portability in mind, meaning they actually looked a lot more like a modern day MacBook and not oversized hand luggage. These laptops were a huge leap forward in many ways and surprisingly show that certain simple tasks like changing screen brightness have perhaps become far more complicated as time has gone on.

every macbook ever - the powerbook 300

It was strange to see Apple devices that were upgradable, given that the current MacBook range is anything but. But as Mrwhosetheboss points out, when you’re chasing the market leaders as the smaller business like Apple was in the 90’s, those sorts of risks have to be taken.


The PowerBook line saw multiple releases over many years and takes us up to the iBook in 1999, the first MacBook laptop that many people think of when they cast their minds back. The Apple iBook was their most affordable laptop yet, but still cost a whopping $3,000.

youtuber buys every macbook ever - an image of the first iBook laptop

PowerBook would return in 2001 with a form factor that very much lead to what the MacBook is today. Speaking of, the MacBook and MacBook Pro were next up in 2006 and the rest, as they say, is history.

While the design has altered slightly over the years, once the first MacBook was released, Apple knew they were on to a winner and there is a reason they’ve only ever improved upon this brand as opposed to going left field with entirely new products.

As for how much this endeavor cost Mrwhosetheboss, the final total was around $30,000. That’s quite some investment but the video is well worth the watch!

Next up adding to that long lineage of super laptops will be the 15-inch MacBook Air which is set to release later this year.