Unreal M1 MacBook Air laptop deal is great for vlog editing

If you need to upgrade your hardware to better edit your vlogs, you can't go wrong with the Apple MacBook Air M1 which has seen its price plummet.

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A big part of vlogging is the editing and post-production touch-ups that your content will need. The MacBook Air M1 is still among the best MacBooks that money can buy, and as part of a pre-Prime Day price cut, it’s a whole lot cheaper too.

Apple are known for producing elite level creative laptops and the MacBook Air M1 is still leagues ahead of some more recent Windows laptops. When it comes to editing video, audio, and images there is no better option than a MacBook thanks to it’s sheer power and range of apps.

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Traditionally, MacBook laptops have been viewed as an overpriced status symbol, but that’s far from the truth. With the laptop deal that we’re highlighting here, it’s actually beyond reasonable how much you’ll pay for the MacBook Air M1 just three years after its release.

For as little as $659.99, the MacBook Air M1 can be yours and don’t let its age deceive you. Despite the release of the M2 MacBooks, the M1 chip still holds its own and some would argue that there is very little difference between the two. The standard retail price still currently sits at $999.

You can easily get up to seven years of use out of the MacBook Air M1 thanks to the unbelievable build quality and hardware that Apple pack into their iconic MacBook chassis.

If you’re worried about moving from Windows to MacOS, just know that it’ll only take a short period of time to adjust and operating systems should never hold you back from trying something new!

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