Diyife Ring Light review

If you need a ring light on the move, the Diyife ring light for your smartphone is easily one of the best products you can buy today.

diyfie ring light review

Our Verdict


The Diyife Ring Light is the ideal travel companion for all of your selfie needs. Its 3 different brightness options create the perfect photo or video every time and its small size makes it easy to bring with you everywhere you go.

For anyone in the content creation business, a ring light is one of the most important tools for taking photos or videos in low-light settings. These handy tools help you create the perfect lighting in a matter of seconds. Ring lights help creators take professional-looking selfie photos and videos. If you are looking for a small, travel-sized ring light that easily attaches to your phone, the Diyife Ring Light is the perfect tool for the job.

This pocket-sized ring light easily fits into your purse or belt bag and attaches to your cell phone with a swift clipping action for easy vlogging. The inside of the clip has rubber bumpers that protect your phone and prevent the ring light from scratching your phone’s screen.

The Diyife Ring Light can also be attached to a tablet or to your laptop computer. While its main application is for traveling, it can also be used at home. When attached to your laptop, it will provide additional lighting for FaceTime or Zoom calls, or filming videos on your computer. 

I was prompted to purchase this ring light after I saw a woman using it at a festival. She was filming herself during an evening concert outdoors. It was very dark out and my videos were awful. I couldn’t even see my face so I stopped trying to film the show. As soon as I saw the way the ring light lit up her face and the crowd in her video, I was sold. I had to have one, and I’m so glad I bought it.


  • Compact size, 3.5 inch in diameter
  • Slightly larger than 0.5 inch opening to fit over a cell phone and its case
  • 3 levels of brightness
  • 1-hour battery life at minimum brightness
  • Rechargeable using a USB 
  • Compatible with all makes and models of cell phones
  • Zero set up, it arrives ready to use immediately
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty


  • 30 minutes of battery life at maximum brightness
  • May block the rear camera on some larger cell phone models

Diyife ring light on phone

Diyife Ring Light design 

The Diyife Ring Light is a circular ring light that is 3.5 inches in diameter. It has 36 LED lights with three levels of brightness. It has a tiny on/off button located on the top of it. The light clips onto your devices with ease and its 0.5 inch opening enables it to comfortably fit over your cell phone, even if you have a large, thick case over your phone.

You can charge it with a USB cord so you never have to worry about having replacement batteries on hand. 

Diyife Ring Light performance 

I’ve had my Diyife Ring Light for just over one year and I absolutely love it. As a travel writer and content creator who is constantly on the road, I frequently use it to capture both photos and videos. While I also have a larger ring light with a tripod, my Diyife Ring Light is always in my purse when I’m on the road. It has become one of my go-to pieces of equipment to always have with me.

I find the Diyife Ring Light to be extremely helpful when I’m dining at restaurants with low light. Bad lighting ruins great photos, but most restaurants have notoriously bad lighting. 

While the ambiance is great, it’s awful for taking pictures or videos. This is where the Diyife Ring Light saves the day. 

In this situation, I don’t tend to be taking selfies, but rather lay-flat photos of the food I’m eating for an article I’m writing. While you can attach it to the rear camera, I don’t always do this. Instead of attaching the ring light to my phone, I simply hold it up at the brightest level to brighten up the environment. The extra lighting brightens up my photos and takes much better pictures. This is a great trick to use if it covers part of your rear camera, which it does for some makes and models. 

While I rarely use it when I’m in my home office since I have ideal lighting set up already, I will occasionally use it when I’m working from the road. Since you can attach it to your computer, I am able to clip it around my MacBook Pro’s camera for better lighting if I’m doing a Zoom call from a hotel room. 

I don’t really like to attach anything to my MacBook Pro, but since the Diyife Ring Light has rubber bumpers inside the clip, it won’t scratch my computer screen. I know that I can safely use it to look professional during any calls without compromising my laptop’s screen.

Diyife phone ring light example of image lighting

Should you buy the Diyife Ring Light? 

If you are looking for a compact ring light that will improve your photos and videos, you should definitely buy the Diyife Ring Light. There is no comparison between videos shot while I’m using this ring light to those without it, especially in low-light or dark situations.  

If you travel frequently or are often out in the evening and struggle with taking professional photos and videos at night, this is the ideal ring light. It is so small, you can take it anywhere with you. 

For less than $20 on Amazon, it’s an incredible value for your money. In the past year, I’ve had zero issues with it. It charges quickly and lasts for an hour on one charge if you’re using the lowest brightness setting. 


I absolutely love my Diyife Ring Light and recommend it to anyone looking for a compact, travel-sized ring light to improve their photography or videography.