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Vlogging just got easier with the Google Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel Fold is on the verge of making heavy vlogging kit a thing of the past, but will vloggers invest in this premium smartphone?


It’s safe to say that vlogging is becoming more popular again but getting into it as a hobby has always felt quite expensive. The release of the Google Pixel Fold might have just presented a more affordable way to get started without needing multiple pieces of equipment.

Naturally, it might seem strange to suggest that a single smartphone, much less something experimental like the Google Pixel Fold, could replace everything involved in a typical vlog setup, but bare in mind I’m only suggesting this as a great entry tool rather than something experienced vloggers should be looking to flock towards.

google pixel fold in it's open configuration

Now, the Google Pixel Fold isn’t perfect, and many reviews of the phone will highlight certain issues like poor battery life and general build stability with the crease in particular. Despite this, and its $1,800 price tag, I still think there are plenty of situations where this is a great purchase for vlogging.

First off, in 2023, buying phones outright is not as common as it once was, so instead you’re likely to be on a contract where the cost of the device is broken down to make it more affordable. This pretty much negates the initial cost of entry issue that many people have raised as a concern. Of course, if you’re not due to a renewal, there could be a cost involved in changing devices but either way it’s rare to find people paying for devices in full anymore, especially given that their value doesn’t hold very well beyond 2-3 years.

Next, the design choices that Google has made with the Pixel Fold all seem to suggest that this phone is comfortable to use as a standard smartphone while the fold configuration opens up the possibilities to allow on the go editing/recording which could really improve the pipeline of creating content and getting it live on various platforms.

YouTube Thumbnail

Finally, the convenience of only having to handle one piece of equipment can’t be overstated. Using separate camera and microphone setups could present some cheaper options for getting started, (again, when comparing to the total cost of the Google Pixel Fold) but nothing can match the convenience of having a single device capable of doing everything you need while also being ultra-portable.

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