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Threads could give vloggers a new home due to ongoing Twitter troubles

Twitter isn't a fun place to be right now, so enter Threads, the Meta equivalent that might just be a safe haven for vloggers to flock to.

threads to take over from twitter for vloggers

Whether you wanted to or not, you’ve likely heard about Threads, the new social platform from Meta that looks to challenge Twitter. There has been no shortage of news and opinion thrown about the competency of it but there’s one thing that I’m certain of, Threads will offer a better environment for vloggers compared to the Musk-owned Twitter.

While there are certainly some improvements that will arrive over the coming year including a dedicated follow feed, direct messages, and just generally better integration across the web, Threads is off to a strong start compared to the currently flailing blue-bird app.

threads in app view

Any long-time vloggers can import any Instagram followers they have directly over to Threads, thus ridding themselves of the pain involved in building a new audience like they may have to elsewhere like TikTok if they don’t already have a presence. Naturally the users will need to be active on Threads with an account but it’s still a huge headache avoided.

On top of this, there appear to be no major video restrictions in place, beyond a five minute limit, so there would be no need to worry about dancing around strange rules and regulations. Realistically, it’s a great way for any vlogger – at any level – to just start producing content.

Further still, there is no ad strategy in place on Threads yet meaning people will get to your content easier and with no barriers. While ads will eventually be brought in, it’s clear that Meta want Threads to be more fleshed out and developed before that is a priority.

With Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing that Threads has already surpassed 30 million sign ups, there’s a worthwhile audience for vloggers to get to work on engaging with. Stick with Threads through the early teething period and you may find that it will surprise everyone in the long run.

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