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Samsung T7 Portable SSD review

Finding the right external hard drive can be difficult but the Samsung T7 Portable SSD might just be the best option out there if you need some extra storage.

samsung t7 portable ssd review

Our Verdict


When it comes to speed, security, and portability, you will struggle to find many other SSDs that come close to the quality of the Samsung T7 Portable.

If you are someone who takes lots of pictures and videos or you work remotely and you need to save lots of files, you’re going to need one of the best external hard drives on the market.

With the Samsung T7 Portable SSD, you could be anywhere in the world with your MacBook, Windows laptop or Chromebook setup and be able to transfer and save files quickly and easily. An SSD is not only going to offer more security but it will also allow you to move files at higher speeds. 

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD comes in multiple capacities, meaning you have plenty of options to choose from at purchase, allowing you to ensure that you have all the space that you need. So, whether you are looking to increase your storage options while working at home, or out and about, the Samsung T7 Portable SSD is a great option for you, after all, even the best laptops sometimes sacrifice storage for price, so knowing which external hard drives are the best for each situation is crucial. 

samsung t7 portable ssd

Small but mighty

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD is a small device; it is about the size of a credit card but is (obviously) much chunkier. This small size makes it great for carrying around and using on the go, especially as its compact design does not limit how powerful this external hard drive is. Made from aluminium, Samsung reports that the T7 can be dropped from a height of up to 6.5 feet and still work. This is great to hear for such a small design that could – fairly easily – slip out of a pocket and hit the floor. 

Obviously, it is not as hardy as an SSD like the SanDisk Extreme, this is because that SSD is made to be more rugged and used on the move. The Samsung T7 does not have an IP rating, so we are unsure whether it would survive dust or water. It may have an aspect of resistance to it, but Samsung has chosen not to have the T7 IP rated. 

With the Samsung T7, you get a three-year warranty for any damage or issues that may occur. This is a bit of a downfall for this SSD, as for most other SSDs, like the SanDisk Extreme, you get five years of warranty. Even with previous Samsung models, you got five-year warranties, so this is a bit of a shame for the Samsung T7.

Universal compatibility

With the Samsung T7 Portable SSD, you have multiple options when it comes to the devices it can be used with. The T7 is pre-formatted to work straight out of the box, with either MAC or Windows, as the install files are already on the device. Whereas, if you would like to use it with an Android device then you will need to install the software from the Play Store.

The Samsung T7 gives you multiple cable options without having to have multiple ports. This is because it has the USB-C port as standard, so the SSD comes with a Type-C cable and then a Type-C to A cable for those devices that are a bit behind on compatibility. You should be fine when using newer devices as the Type-C port comes with most modern-day tech as standard. However, for those older devices, the Type-A port can be used instead. This will affect transfer speeds, as Type-C is a faster cable to use, but the effect is not so large that you will see too much of a delay.

samsung t7 flat view

Safe and secure

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD has great encryption available should you want to utilize it. Unlike its previous model, the Samsung T7 Touch, it does not have fingerprint recognition for access, which was an amazing feature to have. It does, however, boast password encryption, which you can set up via the device you are using it with. 

The Samsung T7 makes use of AES 256-bit encryption, which offers you near-unbreakable encryption, allowing you to keep any private and important files safe and secure. As long as you use a strong enough password, it is very unlikely that anyone could easily break this encryption and access your files. This makes the Samsung T7 a great SSD for those needing a bit of privacy, whether it’s for secure work documents, or keeping photos or videos secure. Password encryption is set up using the software you install on your device. You do need to bear in mind that, should you forget your password, the only way into the device is to reset it. This means it’s important to make your password strong and secure but also memorable.

Review Summary

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD is a small but powerful SSD. With multiple storage options on offer and great transfer speeds, this external hard drive is hard to beat. 

Personally, I think that this SSD is great for a diverse range of needs, whether it’s being used for storing photos and videos, putting games on, or keeping key documents secure. Plus, it’s quick and easy to use. 

The encryption is strong and, for its size, it’s a tough little SSD, but due to lacking an IP rating, it perhaps isn’t built for adventuring. 

Due to the overall quality and speed of the Samsung T7, I rate external hard drive incredibly highly – with it only missing out on perfection due to the lower warranty length and the lack of IP rating when compared to other SSDs you can get. But all in all, this is a highly recommended SSD!