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New MacBook Air model set for rumored release very soon

Apple MacBooks are known for an unrelenting release schedule and following the Pro release in January, we could see a new Air model coming soon.

new macbook air rumors

It feels like we’re never too far away from another MacBook product launch and this time it’s a new 15-inch MacBook Air that is rumored to release later this year. The Air has been considered the best MacBook for general use since the introduction of the M2 chip – and better yet – it isn’t a complete bank breaker when it comes to price.

This means it’s no great surprise that a new model, specifically built around a new screen size, looks set to launch in just a few months. Noted display analyst Ross Young first stated that the new 15-inch MacBook Air would begin production early in 2023, specifically within the first quarter, with a springtime launch also possible.

The idea behind the 15-inch MacBook Air has been floating around since last year with it almost seeming obvious that this size would bridge the gap for those who believe 13.3-inch displays aren’t quite enough. Officially, the 15-inch MacBook Air would come in at 15.5-inches, corner to corner.

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Between rumors of an M3 chip to power a new line of MacBook Air products and this 15-inch version, it’s proving hard to keep track of exactly what Apple has up their sleeve for WWDC in June.

Apple are expected to reveal the 15-inch MacBook Air alongside a short turnaround for it’s release. With WWDC taking place between 5th-9th June, release could come before the end of the same month in typical Apple fashion.

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One thing that is very clear, however, is that many believe that unless Apple find a way to produce the MacBook Air at a reduced cost, nothing will rival the value and performance package that comes with the Apple MacBook Air M1, released back in 2020.

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