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HP Chromebook x360 review

The HP Chromebook x360 has a little something for everyone but can this relatively cheap laptop alternative really challenge it's Windows counterparts.


Our Verdict


While a solid option for those looking for a cheap laptop, the HP Chromebook x360 probably has a small audience that it can actually appeal to. Despite this, it puts its best foot forward and is a great little device either for kids or those who are unfamiliar with tech in general.

While it’s far from controversial to consider HP to be one of the best laptop brands in the world today, to push the HP Chromebook x360 as one of their crowning products might raise some eyebrows.

The reason behind this is simple, the HP Chromebook x360 is a super-versatile entry-level product that it’s easy to fall in love with. Simplicity is key and when it comes to the humble Chromebook, and boy, HP got it right.

There are a few configurations that you can purchase this Chromebook in but we’ll only be pointing out the specifications of the version we tested below. However, both hardware and software features are very similar across the board should you want to use my review as an overview of the HP Chromebook x360 lineup.

hp chromebook x360 review - colors

Here are the HP Chromebook x360 specs:

HP Chromebook x360
CPU Intel Pentium Silver
GPU Intel UHD Integrated
Screen 14-inch, 1366 x 678, Touchscreen
Storage 128 GB eMMC
Battery Up to 13 hours

HP Chromebook x360 design

The HP Chromebook x360 isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, that much is clear, but what it does manage to do is show that not all Chromebooks have to be viewed as a complete compromise to a Windows laptop.

Instead, you can spend a little less, but still get everything you wanted from a ‘typical’ laptop, just on a ChromeOS device instead. From a design front, a 14-inch laptop is a bit of an abnormality but it’s still a very portable size and works well in it’s tablet configuration.

One big downside for many Chromebooks is that they aren’t very pretty. With the HP Chromebook x360, I have no concerns about the looks so you wouldn’t need to feel any shame when working out in a local coffee shop.

HP Chromebook x360 performance

There are plenty of high-end Chromebook options on the market now and it’s possible to spend just as much on a Chromebook as you would a premium everyday laptop.

In the case of the HP Chromebook x360, you should only consider it as a viable option if you’re only planning for simple everyday use. ChromeOS is effectively a mobile operating system meaning you can get away with plenty of multitasking but everything is typically done either through apps or a browser.

Whether in the laptop of tablet configuration, you’ll be working with an adequate amount of screen real estate. The display, however, isn’t full-HD in this case and that might be noticeable if you’re used to higher quality screens.

With storage, the 128 GB of included memory should get you by with little issue, but you can still turn to an external hard drive if need be for extra security.

Bare in mind that the specs that I am reviewing are the most powerful you can find for the HP Chromebook x360, which retails for just under $500, and there are lesser versions available for a lower cost.

hp chromebook x360 review - an image of the laptop head on

It’s safe to say that you’ve likely already figured out that the HP Chromebook x360 isn’t a high-end premium laptop but if that’s what you need, you shouldn’t really have stumbled across it as an option.

The HP Chromebook x360 has a clear target audience and it looks to cater to it with no apologies. For those looking for a fairly priced everyday laptop that is super-versatile, portable, and still can provide a little kick of power when called upon, the HP Chromebook x360 is perfect for you.

Even if you’re familiar with Windows laptops and maybe hesitant about ChromeOS, don’t be! It’s an incredibly intuitive mobile-style operating system that should be very easy to figure out quickly. If you own an android smartphone, it’s the same principles applied on a larger screen.

Should you buy the HP Chromebook x360?

In all honesty, I can recommend the HP Chromebook x360 for just about anyone as long as you’re clear in it’s limitations. Provided you’re comfortable with how this Chromebook can be used, then yes, it’s an absolute recommend from me.

If you’re looking for something with a long lifespan that’s able to transform into something a little more powerful as time goes on, it’s best to avoid any Chromebook for now.


While not for everyone, the HP Chromebook x360 is a well-built laptop that would be a great introduction for kids or those unfamiliar with tech in general.

Between the standard laptop and tablet configurations, the versatility it offers is hard to find even in an over-saturated market.

I would, however, boldly claim that moving from a premium Windows laptop to this should be avoided as the gap in quality will feel like too much to overcome.