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Are Chromebooks good - the pros and cons of buying a Chromebook

Chromebooks are always evolving and are no longer just a cheap laptop alternative, but have they managed to catch up to the real thing yet.

are Chromebooks good?

Are you in the market for a new laptop and wondering whether or not the Chromebook is a good option? You’re not the only one. Ever since their introduction, Chromebooks have been seen as incredible value for money and usually offer versatility that just isn’t found in other laptop products. 

That being said, their lower cost must come at the sacrifice of power, performance and features but the gap between the best Chromebooks and the best laptops on the market is shrinking considerably. It’s also well worth noting that a Chromebook might be the perfect product for your needs and you could save yourself a ton of money while still getting a product that does everything you need it to.

are chromebooks good - an image featuring three asus chromebooks

Are Chromebooks good?

Yes, Chromebooks are a great product that offer a worthwhile alternative to a standard Windows laptop. If your usage isn’t going to stretch beyond web browsing, watching Netflix, listening to music, and maybe some work or studying, a Chromebook should be seriously considered as your next laptop.

Understanding the limitations of a Chromebook is key to maintaining one. These machines are typically only useful when they are online, so planning to take one and maintain a low online presence is not advised. ChromeOS presents itself like a mobile operating system and relies heavily upon the integration of Google’s own ecosystem of programs like Docs, Sheets, Chrome, and the Play Store. If you’re comfortable with using these products and understand how key an online connection is, then you’re well on your way to getting the best out of a Chromebook.

Another major point in favour of Chromebooks is their versatility. They are small, lightweight, and many can even function as a 2-in-1 product with a touchscreen. This means they are suitable for a number of situations and locations. 

What is the downside to a Chromebook?

Chromebooks biggest downside is their lack of core hardware driven power. While this is their main downside it only bears relevance for those who have needs above and beyond basic everyday use. 

Don’t buy a Chromebook if you’re looking for something to inspire your creative needs or as a gaming laptop. You can game on a Chromebook but only using an online streaming platform like GeForce Now.

We also noted their size as a benefit previously but, to some, the fact that most Chromebooks don’t exceed 13” could be seen as a disadvantage. Depending on which laptop brand you choose to proceed with, the build quality of the Chromebook could also suffer from having to maintain a slim and light profile. 

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Why are Chromebooks so cheap?

Chromebooks are cheap because they don’t require the same level of hardware as standard laptops. Instead, some choose to use brands outside of the standard Intel or AMD CPU options because the ChromeOS system operates so closely to that of a smartphone or tablet. Brands see this as an opportunity to lower costs by seeing out mobile chip companies to provide the hardware.

As Chromebooks don’t operate on Windows, they also save considerable on storage without having to use a bulky operating system and can retail with lower storage options without causing a headache to the user and further reducing cost.