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Are Chromebooks touchscreen?

The humble Chromebook is a staple within the world of laptops, but is there a potential misconception floating around regarding their touchscreen capabilities.

are chromebooks touchscreen

Chromebooks are a laptop that is growing in popularity ever since their introduction in 2011. Despite becoming a go-to product for students and business use alike, there are still a lot of misconceptions around them, such as are all Chromebooks touchscreen?

While this may seem like a super easy question to answer, as is often the case with modern-day technology, it’s not quite so simple. Despite advances in technology, most of the best laptops in the world still choose not to offer a touchscreen, but with Chromebooks it’s almost expected. Let us here at Gear Nuke take you through the key points to consider when trying to figure out whether a Chromebook has a touchscreen or not.

are chromebooks touchscreen - an image of a man using google sheets on a flipped touchscreen chromebook

Are Chromebooks touchscreen?

Yes, a large number of Chromebooks have touchscreen functionality but this does not mean that all Chromebooks have this feature. Many Chromebooks, in particular the straightforward laptop design range, will not have any kind of touchscreen support. 

It’s key to consider whether or not having a touchscreen is important to you when buying a Chromebook because that last thing you want is to get the wrong laptop that doesn’t do what you need it to. While the touchscreen feature was incredibly prominent at one point, some people simply want their Chromebook to be a smaller, cheaper alternative to a full form laptop so a touchscreen would have no benefit to them. 

are chromebooks touchscreen - an image of a chromebook in it's flipper and standard configuration

Which Chromebooks are touchscreen?

It can be quite easy to tell whether or not a Chromebook will be touchscreen or not if it isn’t explicitly stated in the specifications or product description. If the Chromebook in question detaches in any way from its keyboard, it is guaranteed to be touchscreen as it’s classed as a 2-in-1 laptop.

The same is true for any Chromebook that is advertised to have a flip function as this also falls into the same category. The keyboard will fold behind the screen and engage a tablet mode just without the risk of misplacing the other half of your Chromebook!

Outside of these two signs, you would have to locate a specific line or feature within the product description or specifications.