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Sensyne Ring Light review

If you want to improve the lighting in close-up content for an affordable price, you’ll be happy with the Sensyne ring light. Just temper your expectations.


Our Verdict


A great option if you're willing to sacrifice quality for cost, the Sensyne ring light simply fails at being portable enough to widely recommend but when all factors are considered, it can get the job done fine if your needs are basic and budget low.

Unboxing the Sensyne Ring Light was a fun and organized experience. In only a few minutes, my complete 10” ring light was up and running seamlessly. All that was left for me to do was play with the various color settings and choose which one I liked best for my desk space.

I primarily use ring lights for social media content creation and photography. When I bought the Sensyne, my expectation was that it could stay set up in my home office more regularly than my larger 18” ring light. I was hoping it might also work well with my larger ring light when trying to illuminate a room or studio for photography. 

The Sensyne Ring Light exceeded my expectations in some ways, but it disappointed me in others. I’ll tell you why after sharing a few pros and cons I’ve noticed about the Sensyne so far.


  • 3 color modes with 10 brightness levels
  • A tripod that has a level and allows you to shoot vertically and rotate the ring light left to right
  • Rotatable phone clip large enough to fit most newer phones


  • Short USB-powered cable (around 72’’)
  • A carry bag that is only large enough to fit the tripod and power cable
  • Not as sturdy as some ring light models
  • Not suitable for large spaces or shooting from more than a few feet away


Sensyne Ring Light: Design

The Sensyne Ring Light has specific design qualities I appreciate and have yet to find in other ring lights. For instance, I love the touch panel for powering the light on and adjusting the settings. Sensyne mentioned this touch panel having a longer lifespan than traditional buttons, and although I’m not sure how much truth this holds, the panel does add to the appeal of the light. 

Something else I can appreciate about the design is the adjustable spring loaded phone clip. It’s been a struggle to find a ring light with a phone clip large enough to fit my iPhone 11 Pro Max, but this one gave me no trouble. I plan to upgrade my phone soon and it’s important to me that my tripod phone clips remain compatible with my phone. I have confidence this one will, as the walls of the clip extend about 5.3’’ apart.

Another bonus feature with the phone clip is the ability to rotate it for vertical or horizontal shooting without having to unscrew anything. All it takes is a small amount of pressure to easily rotate it left or right.

There were a few things about the design I wasn’t impressed with, one which included the tripod stand as a whole. What I like about the tripod is the level, which gives you an idea of how even the three legs are, as well as where you might need to adjust things.

What I dislike is how fragile the tripod feels. I do think some of this is just the way it goes with a smaller ring light, but it makes me nervous having the legs of the tripod fully extended. When the tripod is not at its full height (51’’), it does seem more sturdy. While on the topic, I should note 51’’ is not very tall. I’m nearly 71’’ tall, or 5’ 11’’ and can not use this ring light while standing.

I’m also not happy with the carry bag that comes with this product. It’s barely large enough to fit the tripod and power cable, and it certainly will not fit the ring light. While traveling, this makes for an awkward walk out to my car trying to juggle so many parts and pieces.

Lastly, the USB cable is quite short (near 72”). If you’re planning to move the Sensyne around at all, I would suggest also investing in an extension cord so you don’t trip or knock over the ring light.

Sensyne Ring Light: Performance 

The performance of the Sensyne ring light is mediocre. I wouldn’t say it’s the best on the market, but it’s also not the worst. The light works well for up close shooting and small spaces, however, the lumens are not bright enough to light up large spaces. 

There is a bluetooth remote that comes with the light and is easy to pair with most phones. I had no problem connecting my iPhone. You can use the remote to snap photos while standing away from your phone and the ring light.

As far as the different color modes, you’re given three options (cool white, warm yellow and daylight). Each option can range in brightness from 1-10. However, I can’t name many projects where having the brightness under 6 or 7  would be useful with this light. 

sensyne ring light review freestanding

Should you buy the Sensyne Ring Light?

I would not recommend the Sensyne Ring Light to anyone needing a ring light they can travel with. There are better options out there that come with larger carry bags for all the different parts and pieces.

I do, however, find the Sensyne to be a suitable option for those looking for an inexpensive ring light to be used for personal or small-scale professional use. I believe this group of folks will be impressed with the Sensyne and its ability to stay set up at all times, while not interfering too much with the rest of their space.

You can expect to pay $49.99 for the Sensyne Ring Light on Amazon.


Depending on your ring light needs, the Sensyne Right Light could exceed your expectations, but do not buy the ring light if you have high expectations for design and performance. The Sensyne is good if you’re not trying to break the bank, but there are definitely better options out there if you’re willing to spend a little extra money.