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Rumored iPhone 15 features are a vloggers dream

Following years of minor upgrades, it appears that the iPhone 15 will finally implement massive upgrades that will level up your vlog game.

iPhone 15 rumored feature

We’re seemingly never too far away from the next big iPhone 15 rumor, but Apple might be on to a winner with the latest upgrades that would see a vloggers biggest dreams come true and reduce the need for additional external equipment when trying to create content!

According to the original report from ITHomethe battery life of the iPhone 15 range is about to get up to 18% bigger. More specifically, the base model will see the 18% increase while the iPhone 15 Plus/Pro and Max will see 14% and 12% increases respectively.

iPhone 15 colors

At face value, these are huge increases that could see the possibilities of daily use grow exponentially and even reduce the need to rely on power banks quite so early in the phones life-cycle.

In addition to these battery increases, the report also states that the new base storage options on the iPhone 15 Pro will double to 256 GB. If you are someone who makes use of apps like TikTok or generally vlogs via YouTube, it looks like the iPhone 15 range is really making it easier to produce content without having to worry about battery life and storage.

Of course, there are plenty of additional reasons that the iPhone 15 range will be a huge upgrade for your vlogging needs, but it’s just nice to see Apple putting a focus on battery life. Given the controversy surrounding the throttling of older batteries that rose a few years ago, it shows that they’ve learnt from their mistakes.

You can check out some of the other exciting new features coming to the iPhone 15, including the new action button, below.

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