Lenovo laptop deal slashes $500 off in Ideapad sale

If you're in need of a new everyday laptop, Lenovo just slashed the price on the 2022 Ideapad 3 making a deal too good to turn down.

lenovo ideapad 3 deal

We’re all for crazy laptop deals, and everyone wants the best laptops for the lowest price, but Lenovo might be taking things a little too far here with a massive 60% discount on the Ideapad 3 from 2022. Head over to their official Amazon store right now and you’ll find the incredible deal just waiting for you to pounce on.

With a list price of $959, the Ideapad 3 from last year can be purchased today for just $381 and the true worth of the product probably sits towards the higher side of this scale. When running the Ideapad against the criteria in our laptop buying guide, it ticks a ton of boxes as an everyday use laptop.

Here are the Lenovo Ideapad 3 specs:

Lenovo Ideapad 3 specs
CPU Intel Core i3-1115G4
GPU Intel Integrated
Screen 15.6″ Full HD Touchscreen, 1920×1080
Battery Up to 7 hours
Storage 256GB SSD

Productivity is king in a post-COVID world so having the chance to purchase this Lenovo Ideapad 3 for such a heavy discount is a steal.

With a super-slight frame, lightweight but sturdy build and hearty specs, you should get more than a few years use out of this laptop. Alternatively, given the deal that it is currently on, if you just need to bridge the time gap between owning two higher powered machines, it’s just still a great option.

The below video review takes a look at the same Lenovo shell but with a slightly higher specifications.

YouTube Thumbnail

Simplicity is golden when it comes to everyday use laptops and there is a reason that Lenovo are one of the biggest and best laptop brands in the world today.

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