Apple now selling refurbished 2023 MacBook Pro laptops

Despite having only launched this January, Apple has already started to sell the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch laptops as refurbished.

apple selling refurbished 2023 macbook pros

In a move that was expected, albeit maybe a few more months down the line, Apple have begun selling the newest MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch models through their refurbished retail site. This is only the case in the US with other regions sure to follow suit over time.

When it comes to the price difference, the discount on offer for buying a refurbished MacBook Pro stands at about fifteen percent. When it comes to the general pricing of MacBook laptops, it’s quite a significant saving to make considering it will still be guaranteed by Apple for one year and AppleCare is still available.

The MacBook Pro is the ultra powerful big brother to the MacBook Air with performance being off the charts when they are compared. Even when stacking this generation of MacBook Pro models to the previous ones, the power again is up 20% and 30% on speed and graphical capabilities respectively.

To ensure that refurbished MacBooks are as reliable as possible, Apple performs a range of tests to confirm that they are ready to be resold. You can check out more detail on why the refurbished option is such great value in the video below.

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All in all, going with a refurbished MacBook really doesn’t seem to have any major downside and it’s great that the 2023 model is already available. The new Mac Mini that released at the same time is still yet to enter the refurbished store front at the time of writing.

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